Meglio un vaso di plastica o terracotta

Masini pottery is symonimous with handmade quality

The founding values of our company are and have always been consumer care and the guarantee of the highest quality of our terracotta pots.

From the choice of the clay, to the entirely handcrafted processing, our goal is to guarantee a product of quality and value for the consumer.

Considering the increasingly frequent attempts to counterfeit our terracotta by companies that brand and mark their products with the nomenclature “Made in Impruneta” or “Terra di Impruneta” when they neither use the clay from Impruneta, nor use traditional and artisanal techniques in their production, we decided to find a way to protect the consumer.

Historical and Artistic Kilns of Impruneta Association

Since 2005 the company is a founding member of the Historical and Artistic Kilns of Impruneta Association, that is committed to give strength to the reasons for quality and culture. It can be recognized by a brand that ensures the highest level of each individual object in which the irreplaceable touch of the craftsman and the living force of tradition are clearly traceable.

Since 2017 we are recognized from CAT brand

At the end of a path that took over a decade to reach, the title CAT (Artistic and Traditional Ceramics) was finally recognized and activated on a national and international level.This title protects and guarantees the hight quality of our products.

The brand CAT certifies the origin of the clay from Impruneta, as well asthe product as being made here, the handmade quality according to the regulation.

The objective behind this title is not only to protect the makers but for the consumers as well, for whom the brand will serve as a guarantee of the quality of the terracotta clay in Impruneta

The commitment in the fight against counterfeiting

The attempts at counterfeiting damaged our own image in the eyes of our clients, who we have often heard complain about the difference in our prices compared to the prices of other companies.

From now, the simple branding made in Impruneta has no value nor guarantee for the clients, as apposed to CAT under which we are protected.

All of our terracotta produced for May 2017 are recognized by CAT wih the serial number 02-TCO next to the stamp Fornace Masini – Terecotte Artistiche Impruneta