Pots for indoor plants: guide to choosing the best pot


Potted house plants are a wonderful addition to your home decor. Not everyone knows however, that in addition to improving the appearance of your home they also have various health and well-being benefits. In fact, houseplants purify the air and release oxygen, creating a more relaxing atmosphere. That’s why it’s important to choose the right pot for indoor plants to get the most out of your plants.


Terracotta pots, the perfect choice for your green home

When it comes to choosing pots for your indoor plants, there are many options available on the market, however, terracotta stands out for its practicality and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, its natural composition makes it extremely durable, breathable and permeable. In this way it guarantees perfect circulation of water and oxygen around the roots of the plant and at the same time the pot will continue to preserve its aesthetic beauty.

Furthermore, indoor terracotta pots come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, from classic to contemporary , adding that touch of class to your home decor. Thanks to their versatility, even in domestic spaces with contemporary styles and high-design interiors terracotta pots dont look out of place.




3 advantages to potted house plants

Potted houseplants are an easy way to bring some nature into your home. In addition, they can have positive effects on your health and well-being. Let’s explore together:

  1. Plants purify the air. Plant’s ability to produce oxygen and improve air quality is a remedy for mental and physical health. This is epecially important for people who stay at home much of the day, for example if you are working remotely.
  2. Plants reduce stress and anxiety. Indoor plants help to relax and improve concentration, creating a more peaceful and healthy atmosphere. They will make your home an even more comfortable place, giving it that captivating but tasteful touch.
  3. Learn gardening. Taking care of potted houseplants is a good way to approach the hobby of gardening, even for those who do not have outdoor space. During the pandemic lockdown, many people expressed their creativity by engaging in planting, potting and pruning sessions directly in their living room. In addition to the strong sense of gratitude and connection to nature, some also discovered that they have a green thumb.


How to choose the right pot for your indoor plants: our suggestions

When choosing a pot for your houseplants, it’s important to consider the size, material, breathability, and aesthetics.

  • Pot size. The pot should be large enough to hold the plant’s roots and allow for good air circulation
  • Material. The choice of material depends on the needs of the plant and the environmental conditions. In fact, materials such as metal, plastic or glass may be suitable for some plants.
    However, the natural component of the terracotta makes it optimal for indoors vases.
  • Breathability. The pot should have drainage holes to prevent the roots from rotting due to overwatering. It is also advisable to always have saucers to avoid water leakage. Discover here the handcrafted saucers of Fornace Masini
  • Aesthetics. Choosing the right vase depends on personal taste and the style of the surrounding environment. Choose a pot that fits your home design and the plant’s personality. Precisely because of the rustic but classic characteristics, the Terracotta vases by Masini blend perfectly even with the most modern interiors. Visit the shop and enjoy our Impruneta terracotta gems.



Care instructions for terracotta indoor plant pots

To preserve the beauty and health of your indoor plants, pay attention to the position of the pot. The temperature and light to which the plant will be exposed will be vital to promote its growth.

Natural light or lamps to grow your indoor potted plants

Most plants need plenty of light to start their photosynthesis process. For this reason it is good to choose a room that has large windows and is well exposed to sunlight, such as a room facing north or east.

Avoid areas for your green corner that are too exposed to direct light during the hottest hours of the day as this could cause leaf burns. Heat the soil too much, and it could cause water to evaporate from the pot. To avoid this, you can use curtains or blinds to filter the light and protect them.

Likewise, if you do not have a room well exposed to sunlight, consider using special lamps. In fact, there are several options of artificial lights that mimic sunlight.


Avoid environments that are too hot for houseplants

Indoor plant pots can be kept in any area of the house that has a moderate climate. The bathroom can be a great area for some plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns and succulents. However, it is important to avoid exposing plants to extreme temperatures and excessive humidity. In addition, exposure to drafts and sudden changes in temperature also seriously damage plants health. Having said that, carefully choose the area for your potted house plants and perhaps avoid that space above the fridge in your kitchen.

The last precaution will be to constantly keep the vase clean, dusting it frequently. If you want to know more about cleaning terracotta pots, read our post.