Fornace Masini and Luisa via Roma: a successfull partnership

The collaboration born in January 2018 between Fornace Masini and LuisaViaRoma continues to reach users all over the world thanks to a first-level e-commerce. The Concept Store of Via Roma in Florence has opened its doors to the highest quality terracotta products of the renowned Fornace Masini of Impruneta..


Moreover, the website has improved its presence on the luxury market with 5 million visitors per month and worldwide shipments. Since 1999 it has offered the opportunity to international customers to buy online clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, home products and beauty products from brands such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Givenchy and many others.
Now in the section dedicated to home products you can also find and buy the terracotta pots from Fornace Masini  in Impruneta. Ours is an artisan production that keeps following the ancient manufacturing tradition of Impruneta. Dedication, creativity and accuracy are the  key words of our skilled artisans.

The fame on the market of the last 20 years have made the LuisaViaRoma brand renowned all over the world and appreciated for the quality offered and the attention to detail. In addition, this 100 % family-run company  ( with Andrea Panconesi, nephew of the founder of LuisaViaRoma as CEO and Annagreta Panconesi, her daughter, as Creative Director) has always showed particular attention and dedication to the brand. LuisaViaRoma has offers exclusive services and firmly believes that customers are looking for real experiences, not just products.

Inspired by the same ideals since her entry into the company, Costanza Masini, managing partner of Fornace Masini who took over the company together with her father Marco, dedicates herself with passion to a particular project: making her brand known to a wider market, investing in the digital world to guarantee the customer a unique experience.

“We are really proud of this partnership that shows the mutual trust between the two companies  and a willingness to continue to improve in this direction. Thanks to the support of our customers we will be able to enhance a collaboration based on innovation, in order to keep offering new services on the market. One of the key factors for the success of the initiative is the mutual trust between the companies’ chef executives:  we are ,in fact,  sure to have found a partner who will also be our ally”, comments Costanza Masini, the responsible for this collaboration.

That of LuisaViaRoma is  therefore a strong  influence on our artisan culture that still  wants to keep up with the times through a new orientation and modernization, while also remaining closely linked to the family tradition that has distinguished Fornace Masini for four generations.

“The world of craftsmanship is often associated to slow working, to carefully handmade products and apparently it is in  stong contrast to the idea of speed and modernity that online shopping transmits to us in today’s globalized world. This partnership confirms instead – concludes Costanza – that online trade is also possible for artisan producers, enhancing a local tradition on a global scale.”