Everybody crazy about the terracotta french bulldog!

The terracotta French Bulldog: craftsmanship and artisan creativity

If you are fond of  little four-legged friends, this article is for you.

How many times have you melted like an ice cube in the sun in front of a cute French Bulldog puppy?

So, why not have this terracotta French Bulldog puppy, made by the skilled artisans of Fornace Masini always with you, at home or in your garden?

This unique terracotta statuette comes from the  union of a special ingredient, the galestro, a raw material of the highest quality in Impruneta’s soil and our craftsmanship: the product is a tiny terracotta French Bulldog, which really looks like a real dog in the flesh!

Artù: the french bulldog who inspired us

The idea of a terracotta French Bulldog came from a real French Bulldog: a dear four-legged friend of ours, named Artù.

The prototype for the creation of the French Bulldog was made entirely by hand, inspired by the photos of our friend Artù.

Starting from a raw piece of clay, the craftsman starts shaping it, until slowly the puppy takes shape, thanks to the talented hands and creativity of our artisans.

You’ll be amazed by  looking at  how the previously shapeless clay, takes on the figure of a French Bulldog, hour after hour.

Very few craftsmen, or rather, artists, can boast of having the skill to apply such an ancient and difficult working technique!

Personalize the name tag with your French Bulldog’s name

Thanks to this technique, you have the opportunity to have your own customized product.

The customer can request and order a lovely French Bulldog with a personalized plate and insert the name of the four-legged friend. Thus, the French Bulldog will be truly unique and will belong the dog’s owner forever.

So, if you want to spoil yourselves and always have a four-legged friend with you, as one of the best pieces of furniture, that combines the unique touch of the craftsman and Impruneta’s terracotta tradition , why not order  your personalized terracotta French Bulldog, signed Fornace Masini?