Citrus by Kunz: Swiss design meets Masini pottery

Design and Terracotta: a special union between Switzerland and Tuscany

Today we will talk about a collaboration that combines the artisan quality of our terracotta from Impruneta with the creativity of a Swiss artist, who’s very dear to us: CITRUS by Kunz.

Our terracotta products were, in fact, chosen by Delvis Dennisse Kunz, founder of CITRUS by Kunz, who makes each of our pieces truly unique by painting them by hand.

Delvis’ aim is to fill our eyes with her beautiful designs, by giving Impruneta’s hand-painted terracotta vases the flavor of holidays, of Summer and sunny days. She loves to design interior spaces by giving color and life to home interiors.

Part of the design process is to choose fresh colors that are easy to maintain once applied to the pots. Combining the designs with the various shapes of our terracotta vases, she offers a beautiful collection of unique pieces with a distinguishing feature: the terracotta from Impruneta.


CITRUS by Kunz: history

The artist says that the idea behind CITRUS by Kunz came up in a cold Swiss Winter in Zurich, drinking coffee and waiting for the sun to finally come out from behind the gray clouds.

The goal was to share the wonder of living in a place where the sun always shines and where all the colors of nature can dance together. In fact, this is exactly the feeling she wants to evoke when people look at her artistic projects.

Born in Puerto Rico, she calls herself a real Caribbean girl and her collections draw the inspiration from the atmosphere of the island: the feeling of tranquility and relaxation, the soft colors, the fun and the swaying of palm trees. Delvis Dennisse Kunz founded her first furniture brand in the United States in 2015, and while the product portfolio has changed over the years, the main idea has remained the same.

Each item is an artisanal product created with the aim of adding a touch of color to everyday life.

Citrus by Kunz: “Art on a Pot” in collaboration with Masini pottery

When she moved to Switzerland in 2017, she realized how difficult it was to find high-quality and visually beautiful handmade flower pots. That’s when she decided to choose Impruneta’s terracotta. This way, combining the technical traditions of processing the clay in Impruneta’s furnaces with her artistic skills, she has given life to the concept of  “Art on a Pot”.

This collaboration tries to bring a piece of sun and relaxation into the homes of those who follow us. At the base of such a project, there is the desire to combine two complementary aspects in the realization of products of the highest quality, such as those born from the union of Fornace Masini and CITRUS by Kunz.

Using very simple models, such as vasi a nastro ( (simple handmade vase, used the more often to decorate gardens) and vaso Andromeda, Delvis Dennisse creates works of art, such as the Portofino or Costa Cono vase and again Cilindro San Marino.

There are four collections by Citrus by Kunz and each of them is characterized by harmonious drawings and moreover they are studied in depth by the artist:

As always, attention to the customer and his needs is fundamental for the company, for this reason we hope to have you smile by having you embark on an imaginary journey to a distant tropical island, also hoping to be able to come back to travel soon and to welcome you back here in the hills of our beloved Tuscany with a nice glass of red wine.