Choosing the best terracotta pots for succulents

 Succulents, with their unique shapes and ability to survive in arid conditions, are increasingly popular in homes and offices. If you are passionate about succulents or have decided to add them to your collection, one of the key factors to consider is the choice of pot. In this guide you will discover why terracotta pots for succulents are the most suitable choice.

Types of pots for succulents: the most suitable material

Choosing the right pot can affect the health and growth of your succulents. For this reason it is good to know the characteristics of the materials of the vase.

1. Terracotta

 Terracotta pots are porous vessels that allow adequate air circulation and aid in the drainage of excess water. This is especially beneficial since succulent plants are sensitive to excess water and thrive best in dry soil. Terracotta also has the ability to absorb moisture, which helps to prevent root rot.

2. Plastic

Plastic pots are lightweight, cheap and easy to find. However, plastic pots can retain more moisture than terracotta, so you have to be more careful when watering to avoid the risk of root rot.

3. Ceramics

 Ceramic vases are preferred above all by those who appreciate the aesthetic and decorative aspect of the vase. Ceramic is a resistant material and can retain moisture but, some ceramic pots may not have drainage holes and this would affect the health of the plant.

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What to consider when choosing a pot for succulents?

In addition to the type of material, there are other important factors to consider when choosing the right pot for your succulents:

1. Size

Succulent plants do not require large root spaces, in fact, large medium height vases are preferable, precisely because the depth of the vase could create too much humidity. Make sure the pot is an adequate size to accommodate the plant and leave room for future growth. A pot that is too large can cause water stagnation, while one that is too small can limit root development. Finding a balance in pot size helps provide succulents with the optimal environment to thrive.

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2. Dreinage

 Ficus, Cactus and most other succulent plants generally do not require a lot of water and for
this reason it is essential that the water flows correctly from the vase. Thanks to the drainage holes it is possible to guarantee your plant an ideal condition 360 days a year.

3. Aesthetics

To embellish your balcony or to make your green corner inside the house unique, carefully evaluate the style and design of the vase as well as the functionality. Choose a pot that suits your personal taste and surrounding decoration and keep in mind that the right pot will enhance the beauty of your succulent plants.


How to care for potted succulents

Once you have chosen the perfect pot for your succulents, it is important to keep up with caring for them. For correct irrigation management, avoid watering them in excess, as the soil must dry completely between one irrigation and another. Always check the soil moisture before watering and make sure the water drains completely from the pot.

To prevent the onset of diseases or parasites, clean the vases regularly, using a damp cloth and removing any residues or dust that accumulate on the surface of the vase. Finally, check the condition of the roots of your potted succulents from time to time. If you notice signs of overcrowding, such as roots coming out of drainage holes, you may need to repot the plant into a larger pot.

 When transplanting succulents into a new pot, remove any dead or rotten roots and use the most suitable soil. You can use a potting mix specifically for succulents or create your own combination by mixing all-purpose potting soil with coarse sand or perlite to improve drainage.

 Where to place terracotta pots for succulents?

Some pots may be better suited for indoors, while others are designed for outdoor use. Make sure you choose a pot that suits the environment where you plan to place your succulents. If you place them outside, the pot must be weatherproof to be able to withstand the weather conditions in your area. Terracotta bowls for succulents can well withstand temperature changes, scorching sun and even low temperatures in winter. This durability makes them an ideal choice for both interiors and exteriors.

Now that you have read our guide, you are ready to choose the the most suitable terracotta pot for your succulent plants. Consider the type of material, size, drainage and aesthetics of the pot, but above all look for an original solution without overshadowing the well-being of the plant.