Artemest and Fornace Masini: the new partnership for true connoisseurs

We are pleased to announce our new  partnership with Artemest, the e-commerce platform specialized in made in Italy luxury design, with the aim of focusing attention on luxury craftsmanship.

Artemest philosophy

From Venice to the Amalfi Coast, from Florence to Milan, Artemest wants to revive the history of ancient artisan traditions, through the passionate eyes of its creators.

Artemest has an accurate and elegant e-commerce, made up of wonderful handmade products,born from the talent, the genius and  the inspiration of exceptional craftsmen.

Artemest  celebrates the desire for beauty in our daily lives and gives every artisan the possibility to describe his own process and his own vision of the world within his workshop.

The portal, in fact, shows a selection of handcrafted creations divided into different categories: from furniture to lamps, from accessories to pots.

Fornace Masini and Artemest

Fornace Masini is now also part of the Artemest family with its terracotta creations from Impruneta and this union strengthens both our traditional local culture and our focusing on the Made in Italy.

Our family has been pursuing this mission for almost a century, engaging all our skills, energies and experiences to create the best terracotta, interpreting both the tastes and aspirations of  consumers.  Our company policy aims to developing the innovative digital potential, by constantly placing the customer at the center of our business. We have made a completely new selec

Artemest: digitization opportunities for craftsmanship

Digitization, widespread in various sectors, involves nowadays also the ancient manufacturing tradition, based on ancient manual working methods. While the digital world is often considered as the furthest away from a craftsmanship culture, the e-commerce can represent now a huge opportunity for artisan business also. The wisdom and the high artisan quality, peculiar to a place, can now  reach any connoisseur in the world, thanks to the presence on the international market. Therefore, Fornace Masini is investing in  digital  to make its brand known to a wider market, without forgetting the values ​​of its family history.

The partnership with Artemest thus allows us not to forget the roots with tradition, from which we draw our life, and, at the same time, underlines the importance of spreading local craftsmanship internationalwide.